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Veeam Backup and Recovery Solutions – How It Works

In response to the vast increase in the volume of data needed to conduct business, companies everywhere are updating their data centers with virtualization, storage and cloud technologies. Veeam Cloud Connect works by backing up your entire virtual infrastructure, including software and data, to an offsite disaster recovery cloud.

The 3-2-1 rule states that three copies of your data should be maintained, stored on two types of media with one copy stored in a remote location. At the same time, offsite backups challenge businesses with limited bandwidth, staggering volumes of data and a lack of resources to build and maintain a backup repository.

Through EDSI cloud solutions, you can leverage cloud backup repository services with Veeam Cloud Connect without wasting money and resources on a second site or adding bandwidth. With V//Extreme, you avoid the capital expenses it would take to build an additional infrastructure.

With V//Extreme, the time-consuming act of recovering servers, applications and data into a cold environment can be replaced with just a few clicks to the offsite servers. If a disaster occurs, your entire server farm can be available at a moment’s notice.

EDSI V//Extreme is easy to use and set up:

Step 1: Sign up with EDSI and receive user name and password

Step.2: Configure Veeam using the simple instructions

Step 3: Run your backup

Step 4: Restore from the EDSI V//Extreme repository

Veeam Always On Enterprise™ backup guarantees that VMs, in addition to physical machines, will always be accessible.

To learn more about Veeam offsite cloud protection for VMs, please fill out the form below, or give us a call us at (866) 302-EDSI (866.302.3374).

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