There's a difference between boxed software and out-of-the-box innovation, developed your way. We get IT! Our team has decades of experience designing custom software that scales with the growing needs of your business, like enterprise solutions that automate workflow and provide customers with real-time results that speak for themsleves.
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Our Software Solutions Feature:

Business Management / ERP Systems

Customer Management / Sales Management and Forecasting
Sales Order creation / Production Order Creation
Scheduling of Operations
Time Reporting and Inventory Management
Accounting: Invoicing and Cash Receipts

Hosted Applications

Online Learning and Testing

Course Registration, Scheduling, Training and Testing
Credit Card Processing and Payment Management

Customer Rewards System

Data Management, Archive, Backup with the UNIX Migrator and Windows Data Management Client

Our Custom Software Clients:
Business Systems
Technoform Cleveland Menu Printing Bendix Technology Recovery Group
Online Learning & Testing
ASCA Diocese of Cleveland
Data Management and Archiving
Harvard BBC Disney


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