The Advantages of an Enterprise Data Archiving Solution

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As the amount of data that businesses process grows at monumental rates, the need to efficiently organize and protect your data becomes critical to business continuity. Enterprise management systems offer solutions to efficiently store and protect your data, and an important component includes data archiving.

What is Data Archiving?

It is common for business owners to confuse data backup with data archiving—the terms appear to be quite similar. However, there are important differences, and understanding them can save your business money, strengthen data security and make your systems and processes run faster.

Unlike data backups, which provide copies of data used for restoring lost files – or for disaster recovery – data archiving protects older data that is not needed on a daily basis but may need to be accessed from time to time. In some cases, industry regulations require data to be retained for a set amount of time. For example, a patient’s medical records are generally kept for at least seven years, but doctors’ notes and images may only be needed during office visits a few times a year.

How Does Enterprise Data Archiving Achieve Cost Savings?

Primary storage can be expensive to a business. One of the most effective ways to reduce that cost is to limit the total amount of data that is being stored in the active server.

By archiving data, you reduce primary storage consumption costs while reducing the volume of data that must be backed up. Additionally, your IT team can work more cost-efficiently by focusing on other matters requiring their attention.

Data Archiving Solutions: What Should a Business Consider?

Data archives should be secure, accessible and easy to navigate. You should be able to retrieve data from your archives when you need it, be assured of its security and quickly find the precise information you need.

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For example, the DataManager2020, powered by EDSI, is a complete data management toolkit, which includes archiving as one of its four main components. In addition to other modules that protect, migrate and analyze your data, DataManager2020 allows businesses to seamlessly move data to an archive server and then automatically recall the file when it is accessed—all without the need for cumbersome user intervention. And if you don’t necessarily want all of your files automatically moved to the archive, you have the ability to limit archive activity to specific file types and sizes.

When you are determining the best enterprise data solutions for your company, look for flexibility, the ability to determine resource usage, and the ability to monitor and manage system operations across multiple sites from a single location.

By implementing a sound archiving strategy, you will be able to transform your system into a far more productive instrument.

For more information, including a system feature comparison, we invite you to learn more about  DataManager2020. To learn more about technology solutions from EDSI – including cloud servicescustom software and network services – please call us at (866) 302-EDSI (866.302.3374).

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