EDSI Debuts Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)

Posted on December 12, 2016 in

Your firewall may do a great job protecting your network from unwanted visitors but it may not block all the new sophisticated cyberattacks. In fact, according to a recent industry survey, 76% of surveyed companies report a breach of their firewall.

EDSI is pleased to address the need for heightened security for any network environment with a new network security intrusion detection system (NIDS) for anyone in our customer database. This new service is an added benefit for existing EDSI managed hosting customers.

What is Intrusion Protection?

Many people are unaware of intrusion protection or don’t understand how it differs from the virus protection they already have on their computers. The key difference is that intrusion protection is behind your firewall, not in front of it.

In simple terms, common firewall protection looks outward and tries to stop threats from entering the system. Think of it as playing defense. However, as we all know, it has become increasingly common for cyberattacks to bring down systems of the largest corporations in the world. In other words, there can be cracks in your defensive line. A NIDS is different—it monitors your internal network systems on a continuous basis to detect suspicious activity and policy violations that may have penetrated your firewall. It uses definitions, community feedback, blacklists, and analytics to correlate and detect breaches and shut them down cold.

How Does the Product Work to Protect My Data?

EDSI’s intrusion detection system, which provides active threat management, helps provide protection against ransomware by sensing suspicious patterns and activities. Its strength is in its ability to track, correlate and match patterns against known threats, as well as provide security operations staff analytics to protect against new threat. Our NIDS catches threats in your network by inspecting traffic inbound, outbound and between your devices rather than just at the firewall.

Through our NIDS product, you will be able to:

  • Identify attacks and infections
  • Catch system compromises
  • Identify policy violations
  • Meet PCI and other compliance requirements
  • Run vulnerability assessments and quickly resolve issues
  • Customize its deployment

If you would like to learn more about identifying threats to your system’s security with EDSI’s new intrusion detection system or try our 30-day assessment program, please contact us at (866) 302-EDSI (866.302.3374) or leave us a message below.

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