Dispelling Common Cloud Myths

Posted on February 21, 2017 in Cloud

Does your company use Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive or Dropbox? If so, then welcome to the world of cloud computing.

No longer considered a mysterious IT concept, the cloud is here and it’s here to stay. As on-premises solutions become obsolete, the benefits of cloud storage over traditional on-premises storage is growing quickly.

From small to larger enterprises, the cloud is helping IT departments scale infrastructure and keep cost low. Cloud solutions like Veeam Cloud Connect, provided by EDSI, help our customers protect, share and work more efficiently with their data.

According to the 2016 State of IT Report, 82 percent of businesses have saved money by utilizing cloud technology for their company. Still, there remains a degree of uncertainty about using the cloud. Let’s address four of these concerns.

  1. Security: With data encryption, only the owner of the data has access to the data. At the same time, cloud solution providers like Veeam have invested heavily and continue to invest in offering the highest degree of security and data privacy.
  2. Cost: Think in terms of economies of scale. Since the cloud provider buys in bulk, your cost is significantly less. When you use the cloud, you also eliminate much of the cost associated with the physical hardware and software of on-premises solutions. Finally, a cloud solution is an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure for an on-premised solution. EDSI further reduces customers’ investments through dedicated internal support and providing our expertise to resolve any IT challenges.
  3. Growth Restriction: Most business owners who purchase cloud backup or DR solutions will eventually need more cloud storage space as their company grows and the volume of their data grows along with it. Some companies are concerned that cloud computing will keep their companies small. However, with cloud service you have the flexibility to switch over to a larger plan as your business expands. Cloud computing is scalable—you have flexibility at a lower price point because you have already established setup.
  4. Data Backup vs. Cloud Disaster Recovery: Some IT professionals do not see a difference between data backup and cloud disaster recovery (DR). The main difference is recovery time—the focus of DR in the cloud is to provide an organization with a redundant environment on-demand should a disaster occur. With cloud DR, all critical data is pre-loaded based on the DR options the organization chooses to ensure business continuity.

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As more enterprises have migrated to cloud solutions, the cloud has become the status quo. With greater adoption, the cost for cloud solutions has become less expensive than on-premises solutions. And while cloud backup is a great starting point, other cloud solutions, such as DR, data archiving and data sharing, can be used to enhance protection for businesses and their data.

Work with your professional cloud solution experts to find the solution or service that meets your particular needs. While most cloud providers focus on selling one or two cloud solutions, there are advantages of partnering with a single cloud vendor that understands all of your data protection needs.

For example, through Veeam, EDSI provides integrated, cloud-based solutions that are flexible, scalable and affordable including:  virtual server and storage, application hosing, DR/offsite backup and location.

As a Veeam service provider, EDSI hosts complete, off-site backup and recovery services with Cloud Connect, Veeam’s technology that makes it easy to connect to repositories in the cloud and efficiently maintain off-site copies of backups. To learn more about cloud services from EDSI, please call us at (866) 302-EDSI (866.302.3374).

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